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The future of sound masking.

Our vision has always been to miniaturise sound masking. A system that minimises rack space while including all the features necessary to create a comfortable acoustic environment. With Soundmask's GQ, that vision is now a reality.

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The solution to privacy and acoustic comfort

Research from the University of Sydney found that most workers are dissatisfied with the level of noise and the lack of sound privacy in their workspace.

Studies all over the world show that distracting noise can increase staff errors and attrition, and reduce productivity.

Adding a Soundmask system reduces distracting noise, improves speech privacy and increases productivity, using safe and low cost technology.

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Soundmask creates private, comfortable acoustic spaces using our unique sound masking technology.

What is sound masking?

Soundmask's systems work by introducing a non-intrusive background sound similar to airflow. Speakers are suspended within the ceiling cavity, so they are not visible. The sound emitted from the speakers fills the ceiling cavity with an even spread of sound.

Soundmask's sound is specially tuned to human speech frequencies, which masks intrusive noise, like talking, and creates speech privacy.

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Established in 1989, Soundmask remains 100% family owned and operated, and proudly Australian.

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